world’s highest building


Currently, there are several tall buildings in the globe that stand out conspicuously with great features. These structures have occupied a place in the Guinness book of record and helping people to know the world’s highest buildings. This article will broadly unleash 5 world’s highest buildings that you ought to know today.

Burj Khalifa:


Dubai has been known as a place where skyscrapers flow like rivers of water. Nevertheless, Burj Khalifa is located in the heart of Dubai and listed among the highest buildings of the globe. It was launched in 2010 and named after the nation’s president. Burj Khalifa occupies the first position in the world with 162 stories. With an exceptional look, the building stands out from any other in Dubai and the rest of the world.

Shanghai Tower:


If you are talking about a nation with several skyscrapers of quality, China is not far from the list. Shanghai Tower is situated in China and has always been the number one tallest building in China. It has a unique construction structure and built with the latest technology. It is known as the second highest building of the world with 128 stories. To be factual, Shanghai Tower is a building that you cannot walk by without taking a second look.

Makkah Royal Clock Hotel:


Have you ever lodged in a hotel that is above 100 stories? If you have not, then consider visiting Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Makkah Royal Clock Hotel is the largest and highest motel that you can ever find pleasure and catch fun as well. It is located in Saudi Arabia with about 120 stories. This is a paragon of beauty when talking about the hotel industry. Makkah Royal Clock Hotel is 3rd on the list and was launched in 2012. If there is any hotel that can touch and make you look comfortable, time and again, then this building remains the best option.

One World Trade Center:


Right in the heart of America comes an edifice of quality, reputation and of great structure. This edifice is called the One World Trade Center located in NYC, USA. It is the platform of international trade bringing people all across the world to a focal point. It is currently rated 4th on the list of the world’s highest buildings. The One World Trade Center contains 104 stories. Garnished with the latest technology and innovation, the One World Trade Center remains unique, different, and conspicuous in size.

Taipei 101 Tower:


In any of the list you read or talk about the world’s highest building, Taipei 101 Tower will always be among the top 10 choices. It is located in Taipei, Taiwan. The building is a cynosure of excellence all across Asia and the rest part of the world. With its amazing structure, it has been rated 5th on the list and will continue to have a place in the world’s highest building records. There are so many features that Taipei 101 Tower unleash to the general world. It is well-built, unique, attractive and just to mention a few. You can visit this building today to discover its greatness.

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